Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Twitter Scares Me

Since we've got an immerse-yourself-in-this-writing-community theme going, see this cute little bird? He's so darn approachable! Just by looking at him, he makes you want to pat his cute little head and chat with him in 140 characters or less. Doesn't he? I mean, isn't he just beyond adorable?

Yeah. He scares me.

I joined twitter a couple of weeks ago, tweeted my first tweet before I had a single follower, and since then I've done almost nothing. Since I'll have a cool new social icon over there in my sidebar later today where anyone can click to follow me on twitter, the pressure is on to finally figure it out.

Facebook wasn't scary to me! Blogging wasn't scary to me! What does twitter have that strikes the fear of posting in me every time I look at it?

It might be three things. (If you're scared of twitter for other reasons, say so! Maybe there is help for us. Fingers crossed.)
  1. It isn't totally obvious how things work, including what is socially normal. (If you're here with me on this one, we need not be at a total loss for what to do-- Nathan Bransford is totally looking out for us. He's covered a lot of it in these two posts: How to use twitter, and How to use the twitter @reply.)
  2. I don't think in tweets. I'm convinced that even if it isn't a natural thing, it can still be a learned thing if you're willing to spend the time and effort. And I want to, I swear. It's just so many of you are so clever with your 140 characters! How do you get to be so darn clever? (That wasn't rhetorical. ;))
  3. I'm afraid of another time suck! There are so many responsibilities that you have to creatively work writing time around, as well as so many distractions that you have to keep yourself away from. I worry that twitter is one of those things you have to either keep at a distance or get completely sucked in.
Where do you stand with twitter? Are you as afraid of it as I am, or is it old hat to you? If you know what you're doing, I want to hear your best twitter advice! I promise I'll make good use of it, and so will anyone else who reads your comment. Then you can go to bed tonight, warm with the knowledge that you did some great community service today.


J+S said...

I don't yet have a twitter account. I don't know if I could handle it between Pinterest, blogging, and Facebook. I've considered giving up the blogging thing, so I'm not so sure it would be good for me to have yet another social media/blog/something that keeps me from seeing the sunshine every day!


Cristina said...

I joined last month and eh, it's alright... I mean it can obviously be a great tool to meet new people... but I'm not all that invested... I barely have enough time to spend time with the real people right in front of me :)

Laura Josephsen said...

I have a Twitter account and I try to be active on it and chat with other people--I've gotten to know some awesome people that I met on Twitter!--but it can be overwhelming at times because there's so much to do and so many people.

Francesca Zappia said...

I like using Twitter just because it's basically a facebook status without the rest of facebook around it, and statuses are just about all I do on facebook. (Also, I'm not a big fan of the facebook author page when you're not an agented/published author.)

But I do agree that sometimes it can be overwhelming--there are just too many people, and sometimes you feel lost in the sea of people. >.<

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I like it, but I don't use it a ton. I check it a few times a day, but I don't have time. I have met a few friends on there though. So I'll keep it, but like I said, won't use it as much as most people. I like blogging much better. ;)

Unknown said...

You should also fear the time consuming abyss that haunts twitter. Once involved, it sucks you into a black hole where time moves at warp speeds. Hours pass like minutes, days pass like hours. Beware!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Jennifer-- True dat. Sunshine is a good thing!

Cristina-- I haven't gotten invested, either. And it is so hard to balance it all!

Laura-- That's awesome to get to know new people on it! But yeah. A little overwhelming.

Francesca-- Okay, that sentence right there it's basically a facebook status without the rest of facebook around it did more to make me want to embrace twitter than anything else, ever. Seriously.

Chantele-- I am right there with you. I can't imagine spending much time on it, because I don't have much time to spend. Blogging will always be my first love. :)

Nina-- I have to admit: that is my single greatest fear, and the thing that kept me from signing up forever ago. I don't have time to throw into the abyss! I will definitely beware. Thanks for the warning!

Stacy Henrie said...

Still haven't joined. Once the school year gets under way, I'm seriously considering it. That way I'll have more time to figure it out.

Isis Rushdan said...

I'm terrified of Twitter. Mostly for the reasons that Nina mentioned and most of what people tweet about seems so pointless. I haven't joined...yet. But I plan to either at the end of the month or Sep.

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I understand your fears--I felt the same way once upon a time. Now, though, I love Twitter. I share links to great blog posts and other useful information, interesting things I see in the news, quotes, and sometimes even song lyrics. Anything that I think people might enjoy. After a while, I found I relaxed and really enjoyed tweeting.

Kelley Lynn said...

First, love the new blog look and new blog title! :) (I'm probably the last one to tell you that...)

Second, I'm currently not on twitter. If you find you like it let me know and maybe I'll jump on the band wagon. It scares me too. :)

Jenny S. Morris said...

First-OH MY GOSH I love your new blog look. It's so fun.

Second-I am with you on all three things you are scared of. The 3rd one the most. So I haven't set up an account.

Lani Wendt Young said...

First of all Peggy i want to tell you that Im following you on Twitter and I eagerly await every profound 140 char statement that issues from your tweeting self...still waiting! lol

Im on twitter ( saw u there and yes, did notice u werent really there) and it really did freak me out when i first started. Still does. Its kinda like that huge party u went to as a teenager where everyone seems to know each other and b talking 140 words a min and u r the only idiot who doesnt know anyone and doesnt know what theyre talking about. ( well, that was always my teenage experience of parties...loser alert) I've since found that they dont all know each other at all. and everyone is quite happy 4 anyone to jump in and join the conversation at any time. Thats the whole point of twitter. Open conversations and forums. Iev found it an invaluable resource for meeting writer/agents/readers/friends, learngin heaps about publ/writing and for promoting my blog and books. I encourage u to go back and try that twitter party one more time.

Abby Fowers said...

LOVE the new blog look! You always do the most creative things! I love it. Also, I am NOT a twitter fan either. I agree with number #1 for sure and otherwise I guess I'm just not sure why I don't love it. Maybe I already have enough to do (going wtih #3). But you are not alone. Keep trying tho - remember... just one tweet a day! ;)

Nicole McLaughlin said...

Blog is gorgeous. Especially the cookies in between posts! :)

I joined twitter just because everyone made me feel like I should....and have never logged in again I don't think. Go fig. I'm afraid because I don't need ANOTHER time suck! ugh. (and i'm afraid no one will follow me. *tear*) lol

Jessie Humphries said...

Woop...woop! New blog design...look at you all spiffed up! I love how cartoon Peggy has big boobs!:) You rock.

Lani Wendt Young said...

LOL as soon as Jessie said that I had to scroll up and take another look at 'cartoon Peggy's big boobs' Dont know how i missed

Yes, nice new blog design!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Stacy-- Good plan! Maybe I'll get it figured out when school's back in. :) Here's hoping!

Isis-- I worry about that, too. It does feel like such an eventuality though, doesn't it? Even if we're not on it, we know that someday we will be.

Cynthia-- Awww! It's so good to hear from someone who made it from where I'm at to being able to relax and really enjoyed tweeting. That's totally my goal. To enjoy it.

Kelley-- Thanks! You're actually the FIRST to say it! It was in the middle of being installed when you commented. And someday Kelley, someday. I will learn to love twitter, and then I plan to convert you. It's right here on my to-do list.

Jenny-- Thanks! I am so happy with it! And yes. Number three is the entire reason why I've waited this long to join. Numbers 1 and 2 came after I joined. :)

Lani-- When I type in my first profound tweet, I'm going to be thinking of you! I love your party analogy. And I've heard it's a great resource for meeting writer/agents/readers/friends. I promise I will give the twitter party another chance.

Abby-- Thanks! I love it, too! But it wasn't me that was the creative one. As much as I love playing with graphics, I am no where NEAR this kind of skill level. Blogging Bella Designs did it. I love it!

Number three is definitely my biggest issue. But I wasn't kidding! I am willing to commit to the tweet a day. Or at least mostly willing. Maybe I will start it tomorrow. :)

Nicole-- Thanks!! And Hahaha! Looks like a lot of us are afraid of twitter for the potential it has to suck time. I'll totally follow you on twitter. I went to your blog to see if you had a link, but I couldn't find one. Get it to me, and I will. :)

Jessie-- You slay me!

Lani-- You, too! And thanks!!

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Janet said...

ya scares me too but remember how long it was before I signed up for facebook it took a lot of talking to before I jump in and did it. Good luck

Kaylee Baldwin said...

I have a twitter account, and to be honest, I'm always surprised when people follow me (or whatever it's called). I've been on there for four months, I'll check it if I have an @Kaylee message, and have tweeted like 15 (non-clever) times. It's a little overwhelming to be honest. Now there's Google+ that my bro in law is trying to get me to joun, but I think I'm already on social media overload.

Carrie Butler said...

Peggy, your new blog design is too flippin' cute! :D

Julie said...

I'm draggin' my feet to the twitter bandwagon... I just haven't been able to find the necessity in it yet. I mean, really? ANOTHER social networking thingy?? As if blogging wasn't time consuming enough!

I'm with ya, girl!

P.s. AWESOME new blog set up!

Peggy Eddleman said...

I.B.G.- Thanks! I went and checked it out. It is interesting!

Janet-- Are you saying good luck to me in twitter, or good luck with talking you into joining?

Kaylee-- You sound like me... only you've tweeted 14 more times than me. :) It is so easy to get on social media overload!

Carrie-- Awww, thanks! I love it.

Julie-- Blogging is totally time consuming! I can see why you're dragging your feet. And thanks!!

Jeff King said...

I don't use Twitter or facebook... but if you like it, do it!

Best of luck

Tara Tyler said...

love your new look! (cant do all that on twtr!)
and i'm totally with you on all 3 reasons!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Jeff-- "If you like it, do it." Best advice ever.

Tara-- Thanks!! And you CAN do it on twitter! You should check out my twitter landing page. The lady who designed my blog totally hooked me up! And yeah. That's three toughies to get past to convince you to love twitter...

Shilpa Mudiganti said...

I am totally scared of Twitter. Do not even have a login! So I understand...I so agree with your second point. I do not think in 140 words! lol! all the best with your twitter updates! I will follow you on your blog! hehe...and great makeover of the blog...looks really nice! :)