Why Cookies?

Oh, you mean besides the fact that they are so tasty? And because they smell great baking? And because they have a sense of home and tradition and goodness all wrapped up in an irresistible palm-sized package?

Well, okay, there are more reasons that just that. On Sundays when I was growing up, in the time between when church got out and when Wonderful World of Disney came on TV, my dad would say, "I'm in the mood for cookies."

To which someone would pipe up, "I'll make 'em if you bake 'em!"

Because everyone knows that making cookies is fun; baking them is decidedly less so. Or at least it is when you are making enough to last more than 2 1/2 minutes in a family of eight. To this day, Sunday afternoon rolls around, and I get an intense craving for cookies. I blame my dad.

So, we make cookies a lot. Mostly because Sunday rolls around, and my kids get an intense craving for them. They can go ahead and blame me.

Photo credit: Secret Life of a Chef's Wife