Friday, August 26, 2011

Quotes and Cookies: A Place for Writing

"Becoming a writer means being creative enough to find the time and the place in your life for writing."

~ Heather Sellers

We are writers, and as such, we are expected to create people. To create worlds. To create plots. To create conflict. To create twists and turns. To create friendships. To create enemies. To create places. To create families. To create histories.

Hmm... I guess it isn't too much of a stretch to expect us to create time in our lives for writing, is it? (Although sometimes, it seems so much easier to create people, worlds, plots, conflict, twists and turns, friendships, enemies, places, families and histories...)

Maybe now is a good time to take a step back and evaluate if we can more creatively find the time and place for writing in our lives. And while we're at it, let's create some time to eat a creative cookie!

Happy Friday, everyone!


J+S said...

How adorable are those cookies? And perfect for the last weekend in August.

Have a good one!

Jennifer McFadden said...

Now those are creative cookies, Peggy!

Jessie Humphries said...

Peggy...when do I actually get to eat one of your cookies for real? Lets CREATE a time for me to come up North and do that!

Cynthia said...

I want those cookies! They are so great! The blog is great too and so true!

BECKY said...

What a riot! Your first four commenters didn't even mention "Writing." :)

I totally agree with you, and also how hard it seems to actually find/make the time. I am so guilty of that, too. Before I started blogging, I had no idea that "finding time, and procrastinating, etc. seems to be a universal problem for writers.
Although I havent' found MY answer to it yet, it helps knowing that so many others suffer from it, too.

NOW for my cookie comment: YUMMY!

Bkloss said...

A watermelon I may actually eat! I know, I'm weird, I don't like watermelon *hangs head*

Um, I've been off blogger for a few weeks, then I go and click on your blog and, lo! It's changed! And it's BEAUTIFUL!

Abby Fowers said...

You are killing me with these cookie pictures! KILLING ME! Every time I read your blog I'm hungry! lol. It's awesome and those cookies are SO AWESOME! I love the post too! So true, so true! :)

Jenny S. Morris said...

Those look like summery yumminess. I think I'll take the time to have something yummy right now. Hmm...all I have is peanut M&M's but that will do.

Thanks for the chocolate break!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Jenifer-- Aren't they just?

Jennifer-- Kind of appropriate, right? :)

Jessie-- I know! We should plan an Everyone-Fly-To-My-House-To-Have-NON-Virtual-Cookies day. Maybe we can have a writing retreat while we're at it!

Cynthia-- My, too. And thanks!

Becky-- The cookies might be a little... distracting. I may need to re-think my strategy here. ;) I totally think it's a universal problem, and one we have to constantly work at and fine-tune. I hope we get there!

Barbara-- What? You don't like watermelon?! Actually, I totally get it. I didn't like it AT ALL until I was a teenager. And thanks! It was fun to get something new, and very awesome to finally have a blog name. :)

Abby-- I apologize, really! About the killing you and making you hungry... not about the putting them there in the first place. Because come on. You've got to admit, they're so pretty and amazing it's like a feast for the eyes!

Jenny-- Summery yumminess to enjoy before the summer is all gone, which sadly will happen all too soon. And yum! Peanut M&M's are my very favorite!

Jeff King said...

Amen... I need to write more, and pretend less.

Eileen Astels Watson said...

So true, it takes creativity and determination to find that writing time. But it's so worth it!

Tara Tyler said...

scrumptious cookies AND commentary!

Carrie Butler said...

I would create more writing time, if I had cookies to motivate me. *Sigh* Oh, life and its complexities...

Have a great weekend, Peggy! :)

Unknown said...

Those are awesome cookies!!

I think we're all creatively writing as we write our blogs and spend time here, even if we don't get to our novels a lot. At least we're still writing!

E.D. said...

Creating time to write can be rather difficult, especially if "The Muse" is not interested in making a date.

As for cookies - I am sure mine will not look like these, but I am making some anyway. They keep for a few days so they should carry us through this hurricane!

Maeve Frazier said...

It took me a long time to make sure that I made time for writing everyday! Now, I do that and I am glad that I do! Anyone can create time to write whether it be getting up a little earlier or going to bed a little later. For me it is getting up a little earlier.

As for the cookies, SO CUTE!

Julie said...

SOOOOOO cute!!! I wish I had the time (and patience!) to make something like this!!

Emily R. King said...

If I ever tried to make a cookie like that it would end up looking like a pile of mush with seeds. Seriously. How do people do that? And why can't I write AND make delicious, beautiful cookies? Some people get all the talent.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Jeff-- Amen.

Eileen-- It really does take a lot of creativity and determination!

Tara-- :)

Carrie-- Cookies are the great motivator. So much so, that should be their name. "Hey mom, can I have a Great Motivator?" "Of course, son. In fact, I'm having troubles with the desire to do the dishes; I think I might have a Great Motivator, too."

You have a great weekend, too!

Ashley-- I think so, too! I keep trying to convince my writing group of that fact each week that I don't submit a chapter, but sigh. They don't seem to be buying it.

E.D.-- The Muse should ALWAYS be ready whenever we're ready! I mean who does he think he is anyway?

Good luck with the cookies! And even more so with the hurricane! Yikes.

Maeve-- You're right. Anyone can make the time. It just has to be high enough on your list of priorities.

Julie-- I know, right? Instead, we've got the time and the patience to be a writer. :) It's a trade-off I'm totally willing to take.

E.R.-- See? I just wouldn't attempt it. (You did get that I wasn't the one who made them, right?) I figure that's WAY too much time to put into something that's just going to get eaten! Especially when you add in how long it takes to clean up the mess it would make... That's TONS of writing time! Of course I can TOTALLY appreciate when someone else does it. Mmmmm. I really want someone else to do it and bring them to my house...

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

Finding enough time is the universal grail that everyone searches for. It's a question of priorities really. After all no one says I don't have time to wash or get dressed in the mornings... Oh, okay - maybe they do! But you get my point?

Aguilar Elliot said...

awesome looking cookies! i love watermelon and i love cookies, so it stands to reason that i would love those cookies!!