Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Gift of Lists

I got an early Christmas present.

I'm a little giddy.

My mom, knowing that I'm a list-maker, gave me a stack of special papers from her work that they were going to throw away. *gasp!* You know how the checks that businesses write are bigger that personal checks? They were the papers that you tear off from the bottom of those checks. I tell you, they are the PERFECT SIZE for lists!

She saw how I salivated.

Then later she stopped by and saw about eight lists on the special papers currently in use in my kitchen. (From where I'm sitting at my desk right now, without moving anything, I count 1...2...3...4.....13 of these lists covering a variety of topics, all in different stages of crossing outs.)

So then, because she's so awesome, my mother gifted me the mother lode.

A stack of bliss 14 1/2 inches high.

I could've died, I was so happy.

You're looking at that picture and salivating right now, aren't you? The mere thought of having the ability to make that many lists, all the while having perfectly-sized papers right at hand, makes you feel you're in heaven.

Wait... what? Not all of you salivate over list papers?


I don't understand. They're list papers! You can write lists on them! And they're the perfect size! If anything's worth salivating over, trust me: it's THIS. (Back me up, list makers. We are in the majority, after all... Right?)


Kelley Lynn said...

Haha. That is A LOT of paper!

I like lists...mine tend to be on post-it notes though so they can hang on my monitor.

Looks like you don't need anything more for Christmas ;)

Cynthia said...

I glad you are so happy about the paper, but all I can think is where would I put it all until I need it. LOL Enjoy!

Weaver said...

Holy cow! Now go getting buried in your lists! I write mine on a whiteboard. Makes it harder to carry it around, but I can write BIG.

Merry Christmas!

Amanda Olivieri said...

LOL Peggy. Oh, I am most definitely salivating right along with you!! Seriously, that is an awesome gift. I'm always buying more notepads for my lists, if only I could get my hands on some of that paper!

Jamie Grey said...

Ha! That's awesome! I'm a huge list maker, but I tend to use spreadsheets :)

Enjoy all that beautiful paper!

Jessie Humphries said...

Okay, I am totally a list maker. But that much list making paper gives me anxiety! If I have have that much to do that it would take that many lists....just kill me now! :)

Kristine said...

And they have such a pretty flowery print!
I'm a list maker - just not as efficient at it as you are. I . salivated a little.;)
One time Mom gave me a handful of these once (like 5) and each time I used them I felt guilty like I stole them from you. Haha!

Maggie said...

That cracks me up. Good luck filling up--AND CROSSING OFF--all those lists.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I love making lists! I would love that big stack too! :D

Patti said...

I'm definitely a list maker, but unfortunately I'm always losinf them.

Have a very Christmas with family, friends, and chocolate.

Theresa said...

I'm a list maker, big time. I carry at least 3-6 notebooks in my pocket book at all times. And for Christmas I told everyone I want post-its and index cards. They looked at me like I was crazy, but I know it's just because they don't understand the list makers mind.

Jay Noel said...

Okay, you have a problem. There are people out there that can help. 1-800-NO-LIST.

I'm a Sticky-Note person myself. They're like room decor!

Jenny S. Morris said...

I think you might have a problem. LOL. Although cheers for recycling. I like my note feature on my phone for lists. I hate clutter.

S.P. Bowers said...

I'm totally with you. Due to lack of list paper (I really don't like post its. They aren't the right shape and they're sticky so they get dirty in my pocket) I have been forced to write lists on my phone and it's NOT the same. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Lists are great, but for some reason I see that stack and feel like a date with the paper shredder.

Carrie Butler said...

I have paper-envy!

Seriously. I say this as I cross "blog rounds" off my own list. :)

Bethany Crandell said...

The world would actually stop if not for lists.


Caryn Caldwell said...

I love it! I'm a list-maker, too, although I have to admit that I don't make them on paper. My iPod, however, has specific applications for my to-do lists, my grocery lists (yes, plural), and my packing lists. (Although I don't travel much anymore, I actually have a packing list for certain errands, such as taking my daughter to the pool, then tacking on a little gym time, because otherwise I forget something important, like a post-swim diaper or her snacks.)

Okay. Now I'm feeling a little anal!

Adam Heine said...

I will gladly support you in your salivation if you give me half an inch of your stack...

That's weird. Who drooled on my desk?

Golden Eagle said...


Diane said...

My mom always had a stack of odd shaped papers near the phone to take notes and write lists on. She probably would have loved your stack! :O)

Janet Johnson said...

Wow. I do like lists, but wow. That is one mighty big stack.

You enjoy those! :D

Kelly Polark said...

I write weekly to do lists and weekly shopping lists. You must write more!
I want to know how long it takes you to get through that stack!

Tara Tyler said...


i love paper! and those are perfect for lists. i'm jealous!

Cynthia Chapman Willis said...

I'm with you and I'm salivating. In fact, I'm envious. What an awesome mom you have. Lists are the best.

E.D. said...

Wow! That's some stack! Sure beats my sticky notes.... Merry Christmas :-)

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I have paper envy! :)

tammy said...

I am quite comfortably in the minority. It's part of my strategy for my job. --you know, my job of staying sane with 7 kids....;) There are just some things that can't be relegated to a list! However, that does not mean that I don't think your pile is shiny.....

Stacy S. Jensen said...

I love office supplies so much, I suggested an "office supply" themed Christmas next year with family.

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

I am an inveterate list maker too but I can't honestly say I salivate over suitable paper!! I have been known to write lists on toilet paper!
Have an awesome Christmas, Peggy, and a fabulous new Year!

Anonymous said...

Lists! I looooovvvveee lists...I have a long work to-do list on one page, then the most urgent ones on post-its hanging on my monitor.

I also write to-do lists for home, for shopping, for gifts, for appointments...

I mean, I understand why you are salivating looking at this pile of paper...

Peggy Eddleman said...

Kelley-- Nope. I'm covered. :)

Cynthia-- She even brought it in a handy box. :D (That doesn't mean I have a great place for the box, though.)

Donna-- Ahh. I love the whiteboard. I used to use one, but then we remodeled, and it got remodeled right off my wall. Sigh. But you're right- they're not so good for grocery lists. ;)

Amanda-- It's amazing stuff! It's too bad it isn't sold in stores. Lots of people would love to get their hands on this! (Oh, no! Should I fear break-ins now?)

Jamie-- I heart a good spreadsheet list. Especially because you can use massively cool formulas. I never seem to use them for regular lists, though! Maybe I should. You know, because of the cool formulas and all.

Jessie-- Did I just find your kryptonite?

Kristine-- Okay, now I'm feeling guilty that I have them all. Guess what you're getting for Christmas?

Maggie-- Yep, you've got it! The luck is needed to cross off all those lists!

Chantele-- It's the best, isn't it?!

Patti-- Haha! Definitely an occupational hazard.

Theresa-- I understand the list makers mind, :) and I think your Christmas wish list pretty much rocks.

Jay-- Before I can get help, I'll have to first admit to myself that I DO have a problem, and I'm just not there yet. :) And I LOVE the mental image of your wall decorations!

Jenny-- Wait, what? Problem? I don't understand what you're saying. :D I like the note feature on my phone, too... For some things. For other things, there's nothing like holding a piece of paper in my hands.

S.P.-- I agree! The phone is NOT the same! And I'm with you on the post-its in my pocket. I just fold over the top 1/4 inch so it sticks to the sticky. Not nearly as cool as perfect list paper. :)

Peggy Eddleman said...

Joshua-- Now I'll admit that a date with the paper shredder is loads of fun, but if you come any where near my stack with those kinds of thoughts in mind, I may just have to flick you on the forehead. Just sayin'. ;)

Carrie-- Hahaha! I love your list-crossing-off guts, Carrie.

Bethany-- I agree!

Caryn-- No! Anal is good! Didn't you know? I love that you have your lists saved. I make a new one every. single. time. Yeah... not the most efficient way. I think I might have to take a lesson from you.

Adam-- Bahaha! For drooling on your desk, I'll gladly give you a FULL inch! Stop by and get it anytime. I only live on the other side of the world. ;)

The Golden Eagle-- I understand. :D

Diane-- I bet she would!

Janet-- I totally will. :D

Kelly P-- I'd say a day never goes by without using at least one. But when they're all gone, I'll come back to this post and see how long it took. It could be years! (That thought just made me giddy.)

Tara-- I know, right?!

Cynthia-- She's the best!

E.D.-- My stack makes me happy. :D Merry Christmas to you, too!

Susanna-- I totally understand. :D

Tammy-- EVERYTHING can be relegated to a list, if that kind of thing makes you happy (although I completely understand if it doesn't). Make sure kid #6 feels loved: check. Wipe kid #7's nose: check. Cut up cheese squares for #5: check. Give 57 hugs: check. Clean up spilled [fill in the blank... or blankS]: check. See?

Stacy-- Haha! Nice! I suddenly had a vision of an office-themed Christmas tree. Now that would be awesome.

Pat-- Wait, toilet paper? But it tears if you try to write on it with much of anything other than a marker, and the marker goes right through it, requiring a paper below it... so why not just use the paper below it as your list? ;) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, too!

Commutinggirl-- I love you.

Sarah Tokeley said...

I stick post its on the window next to me, but I would love to have that paper just to, you know, HAVE it. I love paper :-)

Diana said...

Oh Peggy! I thought I was right up there with you with the list making, but I now realize I'm still in the minor leagues. From where I'm sitting right now, I can, sadly, count no lists. :( Haha!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Sarah-- Hehehe! I totally get what you mean.

Diana-- That just means that you are currently on top of everything, right? :D

Brianna said...

I am a total list maker!

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

Peggy, You are so funny!

I thought cookies were the only thing that could make you salivate. Paper? Really?

P.S. I am a list maker, but I'd have one heck of a problem if I tried using all that. Can you say "lost lists"? LOL.