Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've Got a Theory: The End is Near

Okay, so I have this theory that if you don't expend creative energy, chaos will ensue. (Seriously. Do it. Bad things will happen if you don't. I stand by my theory.)

Well, I also have this sister theory to my use-creative-energy-to-quell-the-maniacal-monster theory that goes a little something like this:

Witnessing OTHER PEOPLE'S creative energy expenditures can increase yours.

Have you ever been in a creative slump, then you looked at an amazing piece of artwork or photography or a creation of some sort or listened to an amazing song, and suddenly you want nothing more than to go create something incredible yourself?

Yes? See?! It totally works!

Even the simplest of creative expenditures in others can fuel you. My husband and I went to the mall to eat at P.F. Changs. When we walked outside the restaurant, we saw two men in their lower twenties, holding signs written on pieces of cardboard. Their backs were to us, so we couldn't read the signs, but they were well enough dressed that I didn't think they were there to ask for our doggie bags (one was dressed hobo-ish, but it was obvious that it was by choice, not by necessity). Plus, not in an area where people tend to hold cardboard signs. So that left what? Religious zealot preaching the end of the world? We had to find out.

We got in our car and drove around to see them. And that's when I giggled. Or... you know... let out a very un-ladylike guffaw-- depending on who you ask. And then I cursed the fact that I don't take my camera with me every where I go. Nope. Not religious zealots. Just a couple of guys expending creative energy for our benefit.

And do you know what? Their creative expenditure fueled my creativity. I wanted it to fuel yours, too, so I've attempted to re-create the scene.

I hope not too much got lost in the translation.

Here's to hoping we all run into random bits of creativeness that fuel our creativeness! (Because that monster that runs lose in your brain when you don't isn't nearly as cute as he looks.)


Anonymous said...

It is for this reason that I miss public transportation. Crazy and creative can be one and the same.

Cynthia said...

funny, very funny I love it. Great picture to, did you draw that?

TerryLynnJohnson said...

Did you draw this?? Holy crap, that's awesome!

Iain said...

You're right. The NaNoReviMo is really inspiring me. Everyone is being so creative, and the last lines are just awesome.
It's making me want to get on with my new MS as well as edit the current one :o)

WilyBCool said...

I like it. ;D

JeffO said...

I've noticed this often applies to plain old energy, too. Many's the time I've said "I just don't have the energy to cut the grass/walk the dog/wash the dishes/do anything but sit on the couch and watch hockey." But if I force myself to get up, I usually find the energy to do all that AND MORE!

Creative energy is usually much more fun, though.

Abby Fowers said...

Once again, I completely agree with your theory. I even have a hard time getting through a good book now, because I want to put it down and work on my own more!

Cool story about the guys with the signs. lol. Funny!

i'm erin. said...

Peggy, you're picture is freaking awesome! Holy Nuts. Anyway, I agree. Sometimes it's so hard to get there.

David Powers King said...

I absolutely love your theory. Maybe this is why I'm such a movie buff on the side. :)

Ruth Josse said...

Another dead-on theory! And boy is that I-haven't-created-for-a-while monster real. My family are first count witnesses.

Chantele Sedgwick said...

I totally agree. Why do you always have the best theory's? Oh, yes. Because you're AWESOME! And seriously? Did you draw that? The only thing I can draw are stick figures! lol ;)

Cassie Mae said...

This is awesome! And I totally agree about the everything being inspiration. I get those sparks of ideas sometimes over the most simple of things. :)

Patti said...

I love random bits of creativity. They definitely fuel me. And I'd say you did a pretty good job recreating the scene.

prerna pickett said...

Gotta admit, when I first read the title to your post I thought, 'uh-oh, is she going to go all book of Revelations on us?' Thank goodness, no. Loved the post. Very funny!

Jenny S. Morris said...

Nice job on the drawing!

I totally agree with your theory and with Iain. Both media, and other people help spur me on in my creativity.

J. A. Bennett said...

That is so true, anything can spark my creativity a song, a show, a work of art. Thanks for sharing!

Kristine said...

I completely agree! Even other people doing anything makes me want to do it more. Example: I'm too tired to clean up before going to bed. My husband starts doing it. Now I feel like a lazy bum and suddenly I have enough energy to help and go to bed with a clean house.

Bea Sempere said...

Nice job at capturing what you saw.

My pictures from my travels in Europe spark my inspiration when I get in a slump. It's also great to have writing bowls.

Have a nice day!

Angela Cothran said...

You are an artist and a writer--how about that :)

Every kind of creativity fuels me. I think I may have a creativity addiction. The first step is admitting it, right?

Nancy Thompson said...

This is why I read so much. And critiquing helps a lot too!

Lan said...

I'm pretty sure you're right. Sometimes when I get into a writing rut, I'll pick up a book to read that's so good I want to write again. Or I'll go for a walk and all of a sudden I've thought up a solution to my plot problems. Great theory as usual.

Oh and PS, GFC stands for google friend connect and it's what we use to become followers on blogger :)

Faith E. Hough said...

I definitely agree with your theories! When I get stuck in writing, one of the best cures is to visit an art museum.

Tara Tyler said...

you are such an artist! and i've heard about guys who do that, go hold up funny signs at inappropriate or random places

and as misery loves company
i agree that creativity is contagious =)

Lance said...

I write / edit mostly technical documentation, but after editing a particularly umm 'creative' definition from a developer of project manager I found myself slipping to more creative descriptions on things. You just have to know when to reign that back in so your not immortalizing the extremely tall, well groomed, glistening with dew, crackerberry bush your short non descriptive hero named bob is standing next to.

Lynda R Young said...

I love this because it's so true!!! I wanted to be an artist when I looked through books of amazing art...so I did. I wanted to become a writer when I started reading brilliant books. And so I did.

Talei said...

Hahaha. Love these guys and your drawing is fab! Totally agree with your theory too.;-)

MyTricksterGod said...

What I find as a great external source of creative flow is, aside from singing, going on Deviantart website to view the never-ending submissions of different art.
It is IdeaTopia, and curse them that should start a war against it.

The Golden Eagle said...

I definitely agree! :)

Donna K. Weaver said...

That made me smile. I know NaNo's inspired me. Last year I tried to do it on my own. This year I've got lots of other keeping me company and I'm having a ball.

Dawn M. Hamsher said...

That's why writers need buddies! We need the energy and the motivation!

Great post. I LOVE your drawing.

Jolene Perry said...

The most BIZARRE things fuel my brain.

An editor mentioned something to my agent about a certain kind of book and my first thought was NO way, I can't do that.
Two days later I couldn't stop writing.

TirzahLaughs said...

Being in a great creative group will cause your own creativity to grow exponentially.

Usually. Especially if it's a happy, supportive group.



Lindi said...

I agree with your post. I was helping a fellow writer with her manuscript and discovered new-found energy for my own.

Shell Flower said...

I love your theory and your drawing. Maybe it's a GOOD thing you didn't have your camera. A picture wouldn't be half as cool as your drawing. Great post!

Carrie Butler said...

Too right, Pegasus! Too right! :)

Shakespeare said...

It's also nice to HEAR about people being creative. I'm pumped just seeing other writers on NaNoWriMo clicking away at the keyboard and racking up words.

Helps me know I can do it, too.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Joshua-- Haha! So true!

Cynthia-- Thanks! Yep, I did.

TerryLynn-- Awww. Thanks!

Iain-- I'm LOVING the last lines, too! Reading about everyone's creativity is doing it for me, too.

WilyBCool-- Thanks!

JeffO-- I think you are so right. Regular energy is the same. But I agree-- creative energy is so much more fun to expend!

Abby-- Haha! I know what you mean!! Funny how much harder reading becomes in some ways when you start writing!

Erin-- Thanks! I'm going to take a guess here. Does a certain little site called PINTEREST add to your creative energy? I've really got to figure that site out more.

David-- Awww, Thanks! And yes. I think that being a movie buff definitely adds to the creative juices!

Ruth-- Haha! I think he's real, too! Bad things, I tell you, when he starts getting restless for some creativity to happen. Bad things.

Chantele-- Thank you! You just totally made my day.

Cassie-- I love when that happens!

Patti-- I love it, too. And thanks!

Prerna-- Hahahaha! No, I'm pretty much never going to go all book of Revelations on you. :) And thanks!

Jenny-- Thanks! And I totally agree, too.

Jennie-- Agreed.

Kristine-- So true! There's nothing worse than sitting around, feeling like you're a lazy bum.

Bea-- Thanks! That's so great to have your own collection of pictures to inspire you! I love it! But... what the heck is a writing bowl? Am I missing out on something cool?

Angela-- I'm pretty darn sure you couldn't call me an artist, but thanks for doing it anyway. :) And I say we call it a good thing to have a creative addiction! Then we don't have to feel guilty about it. :)

Nancy-- Agreed!

Isis Rushdan said...

Wonderful pic. Like the theory.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Lan-- Me too! Haha, okay, the GFC name makes total (and much more obvious) sense now.

Faith-- Ooo! Good one! That's not something I think of right off. It's going to be now, though!

Tara-- Because of your comment, holding up a funny sign at an inappropriate and/or random place just made it to my bucket list.

Lance-- Hahahahahahaha! True. So true.

Lynda-- And artist AND A writer! I love that combo!

Talei-- Awww, thanks!

MyTricksterGod-- DEVIANT ART! Why have I not thought to go there as a source of inspiration before?! I am there any time I need inspiration from here on out.

The Golden Eagle-- :o)

Donna-- NaNo is all kinds of inspiring! I love it. Even when I'm not doing it, I love hearing all about it from everyone who is.

Dawn-- So true, so true. And thanks!

Jolene-- SO. VERY. COOL. I love that story!

TizrahLaughs-- I totally, 100% agree.

Lindi-- I love that! It's kind of like writer karma. Help someone out with their writing- get help with yours. No... maybe it's closer to symbiosis. Whatever it is, I'm so grateful for it!

Shell-- Haha! Thanks for that! Although the camera would have been a much less time-consuming method. :)

Carrie-- <3 you. :)

Shakespeare-- I totally agree! Reading about NaNo successes makes me want to write SO MUCH.

Isis-- Thanks!