Friday, November 25, 2011

Evil Friday

It's wise to avoid black holes like your life depends on it.
When you are bad, you get black coal in your stocking.
The bad kid in the family is called the black sheep.
It's bad luck when a black cat crosses your path.
The stock market crashed on Black Monday.
The pot AND the kettle are black.
 A heart can be black.
Pitch is black.

Now, I don't think that black is evil. I actually rather like the color. I'm just pointing out that it's not a stretch to say that
Black Friday Is Evil.

I hate it for a mix of reasons ranging from sleep deprivation, to frustration, to unbelievably large crowds of sleep deprived, competitive, and often frustrated people. Plus, it's cold outside! If I go, I am reminded why I hate it so much. If I stay home, I am left feeling like I missed out on some really great deals.

Maybe my attitude comes from being burned for a few years in a row on this special day (burned... as in black... as in EVIL! I'm just sayin'. Logic wins here.)

But I know that not everyone feels the same.

It's my sister's second favorite day of the year. It should have federal holiday status in her mind. It should be on all the calendars you buy, and everyone should get the day off work to celebrate.

She loves the routine-breaking excitement of being out shopping at an hour she'd normally be sleeping. She loves hanging out with family, friends, and crowds much in the same way people love going to midnight showings. She loves coming home so early in the day with her arms laden with great deals. I think that when she goes shopping on Black Friday, the world turns green as summer for the day. The sky is filled with rainbows. Choirs of angels sing. The sun smiles down on her even when she starts shopping at an hour that is indisputably still the middle of the night.

So, where do you stand? Love it like a huge party, or hate it with a fiery passion?

Either way, happy official start to the Christmas season, everyone! (I'm feeling nice and rested. How about you?)


Cristina said...

I hate it!

I hate crowded stores, I love sleep too much, there's nothing in this world that I need that much that I would willingly loose sleep over.. no deal is worth it to me :)

also, and I know I'm about to get all preachy, sorry- but to me it's a such a scam from companies, to get people to their store to buy buy buy.. you know that a huge percentage of people will end up buy stuff they don't need, because it's a good deal....

it just feeds into this consumer mentality that we've adopted. I just can't. I rather be home, spending time with my family, not wasting my money.

see, all preachy :)

JeffO said...

Your sister does realize, of course, that if Black Friday was a holiday and everyone had the day off, that there would be no way she could come home with arms full of packages?

I stay away from it. Today's the day for me to watch the Bruins-Red Wings on TV. Afternoon hockey, FTW!

JeffO said...

Oh, and meant to add, I saw ads for Sears last night. They were opening their doors at 4 AM. That's just plain nuts.

Sarah Pearson said...

We don't have it in England, but I think it's heading this way. If it does, I won't get involved. Who needs the stress?

Christa said...

Oh, I wouldn't get near it, but I totally send my husband out into the fray. He has way more patience than I.

S.P. Bowers said...

even if we were starving or in desperate need of medical assistance we would not venture from our home. There is nothing I need so much and can only afford at a once in a life time deal* that I have to endure the aggravation and frustration for.

*I don't believe these deals are really once in a lifetime or that I won't find anything acceptable at a later, saner date.

Ruth Josse said...

I'm not a fan. I try to pretend it's not even happening so I don't feel like I'm missing out. And I'm with SP, it seems like you can find pretty good deals at all times of the year and without as much stress. But I think that's what some people go for. The mere competition and adrenaline rush of the whole thing. Me, I go to bed early and sleep in the next morning. :)

Maeve Frazier said...

I don't go shopping on Black Friday but, my daughters do. They love it! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

David P. King said...

I've never done the Black Friday rush. Thank goodness for family and relatives who would rather receive a gift card. Great to ask for when you don't know what you want and cheap to send.

prerna pickett said...

Black Friday is chaotic! My husband usually does it, but we skipped this year. I get claustrophobic just thinking about all those people squished into one store.

Bea Sempere said...

I'm not desperate or need anything that bad to deal with Black Friday. Unfortunately, it has now moved into Thursday (Thanksgiving), which I think is truly sad.

This day is a sad day to me, because it truly shows that we have forgotten what this time of year is really about.

Back in the day, mothers didn't sit outside stores to go shopping for their kids. My mother said, if what we wanted wasn't at the store when she went then we didn't get it--plain and simple.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are my favorite holidays, so I apologize for getting stinky preachy. I love what this time of year represents; God, family, togetherness, sharing. Now it's about products and 'want'; no wonder our economy is in the state it's in.

*steps down from her preachy soapbox*

I wish you a wonderful day and weekend.

Stephanie Black said...

I'm not a Black Friday fan. I don't see the fun in huge crowds, two-hour-long lines, and getting up at three in the morning to shop. One year, my daughter and I decided to try it--walked into a store, saw the length of the line, and walked out. Not worth it.

Jenny S. Morris said...

My sister and I were lured out of our comfy house last year by tales of great deals that couldn't be had any other time. (we were desperate to get good deals on Nintendo DS's) We waited in line outside Toys R Us for a long time, and we could only handle being inside for 10 minutes. I almost hyperventilated. I just can't handle that many people.

I also hate Black Friday because my husband always feels stressed on Thanksgiving. He's worked in retail since he graduated high school, so he always has to work that day.

Kristine said...

I prefer cyber Monday!

Anonymous said...

I don't do big gatherings. There were 10 of us at my in-laws' yesterday, and that was too many for me.

The Wife was at Toys R Us when they opened at 9, and Target at midnight. Got all but 2 things we wanted to get for the kids. So, it's a win, I guess, but you'll never find me in those lines.

Jillian said...

I definitely hate Black Friday in general, though when I lived near Gettysburg there were a few outlet shops open at midnight that were worth visiting every year, and often they weren't even that chaotic. Now that I live elsewhere, though, I'm happy to just be sleeping in and skipping the whole mess!

E.D. said...

I HATE Black Friday as far as traditional retail stores are concerned. NO way I am getting near a store, fighting crowds. But online... hm, a different story!!

Tara Tyler said...

i avoid when i can, but i usually end up going out anyway w/my sis in law. not the crazy hrs & not too bad. nice ro spend time w/ her

Janet said...

I am that sister (hehe), and proud of it, I am not sure what it is, but I like it, I never seem to go after that 1 item that is limited to a few but I enjoy it, for years I have gone with friends, sister (not Peggy I don't think) and now my hubby, but we have a lot of fun doing it and will year after year, besides this is usually when I can finish up shopping and enjoy the month of December for what it is ment to be...:)

Carrie Butler said...

My sister and I treat Black Friday like a tactical mission. (Big surprise, right?) *grins*

Peggy Eddleman said...

Cristina-- I would much rather sleep than hang out in a crowded store! I've gone with my sister a few times (she talks me into it about every other year), and as long as I'm not actually trying to get anything, I actually have fun! I do think that people get way too excited for the low prices, though, and buy stuff they never would've otherwise.

JeffO-- Yes, she knows. :) I think she would just love if the whole world had as much fun with it as she does. I hope you're enjoying the game!

Sarah-- That's right! Who needs it? :)

Christa-- Hahahahaa! That's awesome. There has been a few years where I would've sent my husband... had he been willing to go.

S.P.-- Hahaha! I have felt like that so many times!

Ruth-- That's what I'm doing this year. Pretending it isn't happening. That, and sleeping in. I kinda like it.

Maeve-- My sisters love it, too. My Thanksgiving was GREAT! I hope yours was, too!

David-- A MUCH easier route to go! Yay easy relatives! :)

Prerna-- Haha! I get claustrophobic with that many people in a store, too.

Bea-- As much as I think that commercialism has ruined Christmas, I actually don't have such a hard problem with Black Friday because of it. I think the people who are that way are going to be that way regardless. And the people who aren't... won't. Sometimes I hear of people going out at 4am, and coming home at 2pm with their shopping ALL DONE. I have to admit, a little of me is jealous knowing that they are now free to enjoy the holiday for what it's SUPPOSED to be more so than I am. But I totally get where you are coming from!

Peggy Eddleman said...

Stephanie-- I've done that, too!

Jenny-- "Lured out of our comfy house..." LOVE IT! I can see how anyone working in retail / married to working anyone in retail would hate it.

Kristine-- Me, too.

Joshua-- Haha! Although that sounds pretty sweet having almost everything for your kids already! I haven't even started...

Jillian-- Now, see? I would love it if it weren't so chaotic! There's a certain element of excitement with it. I just don't want to have to fight anyone for anything.

E.D.-- Yes. Online is a completely different story!

Tara-- That's totally why I can get talked into going so often. Having fun with my sisters!

Janet-- I love you. But how could you erase me going every other year?! What about Old Navy's two hour line I waited in with you last year? And for what it's worth, I totally understand why you love it, even if I don't want to experience that same love very often. :)

Carrie-- Haha! No, no surprise at all. Man, how I'd love to witness that mission. It might make me want to go!

The Golden Eagle said...

I'm more on the hate it side. I've never been shopping on Black Friday--I tend to avoid crowds, and shopping in general. :P

WilyBCool said...

Wish I had time for Black Friday, I'd still stay home and enjoy it with family ;D

Abby Fowers said...

I started doing the "Black Friday" thing a few years ago and I am starting to like it. That is weird, because I honestly HATE to shop, but I have fun on Black Friday.

That said - I didn't go this year. I needed to recover after Thanksgiving. I am kind of disappointed and kind of relieved. It makes no sense.

Anonymous said...

I cannot bring myself out of bed to go shopping at an early hour. I need my beauty sleep...(and I am cranky if I don´t get enough)
However, I do enjoy good deals. But I also hate being in the middle of a crowd (except in NYC, I love NYC...)
Dilemna, dilemna. Since we moved back to Europe, I don´t have this "issue" any longer but when we lived in the US, I ventured out (after a proper night of sleep) for about an hour or two, bought a few things and then ran back to the warmth and quietness of the house...

Susanna Leonard Hill said...

I'm with you, Peggy. I hate shopping and you seriously couldn't pay me enough to brave black friday. I can appreciate your sister's love for it, though - to each her own. I'm wondering... perhaps your sister would like to do MY shopping... :)

Small Town Shelly Brown said...

I haven't found Black Friday to be that bad UNTIL this year! Thursday is for Thanksgiving! Stay away from my family holiday, you commercial sales events!

My husband's motto on buying big ticket items is 'don't!' so it's only with BF deals I can convince him that we can afford them. So for me it's the time of year I can get the things I've been pining for all year. And I have only a couple of days. If I can't get it and at a good price, I have to wait till next year.

And I'm usually done with my shopping by December 1st and can spend Christmas thinking about what is really important.

jhl said...

Black Friday is about STUFF. We don't need more STUFF. We're doing as much handmade holidays as we can, and if there's something we can't make, I'm buying it directly from someone who can. This year, I supported Small Business Saturday!

Preachy, me, too. :)

Writer Pat Newcombe said...

We don't have it here... But it does sound like Fun???

Romance Reader said...

We also don't have it here....but sounds good bargains?

Lynda R Young said...

We don't have it in Australia, but if we did I think I'd avoid it. I'm not a fan of huge crowds.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Golden Eagle-- I hate shopping, too! I'm not a huge fan of the huge crowd, either.

WilyBCool-- See, that's the thing. Black Friday happens when the family is SLEEPING. (Unless, of course, you can convince them to go with you. :))

Abby-- It makes perfect sense! I'm disappointed and relieved every time my sister doesn't talk me into going. And I totally get why people love it. It's something different from the norm, and has a certain excitement level that comes with it.

Commutinggirl-- Ah. Venturing out after a proper night of sleep for an hour or two sounds like my way of doing it!

Susanna-- You know, it wasn't until this moment that it ever occurred to me to have my sister do MY shopping! Hmm. I may have to check that one out. :)

Shelly-- I was surprised at it starting on Thanksgiving, too! We're not big ticket purchasers, either. It does make it easier to make them on Black Friday, that's for sure. Can I tell you how nice that sounds to have all shopping done by Dec. 1st? Ahh. It makes it so much easier to enjoy Christmas for what it really is. I'm a little jealous.

jhl-- Aww! That's awesome! I love handmade gifts!

Pat-- It definitely can be, in the same way that going to the midnight premiere of a movie can be fun. You get the excitement of hanging out with friends and/or family in the middle of the night, in a place that SHOULD be deserted but isn't, and you get to watch all the fanatics.

Romance Reader-- Definitely good bargains.

Lynda-- And yes, it totally comes with huge crowds.

Angelica R. Jackson said...

I worked retail for years, and it definitely warped my perception of the holidays. It made Christmas just into a day off, a day to recover rather than celebrate. All that footage of the craziness on the news with the Black Friday chaos, I just kept thinking how awful that must be for the employees. I think I'd get PTSD if I still worked retail!