Friday, June 7, 2013

Donation Bomb!

I'm sure most of you have, by now, heard of author David Farland's son's long board accident. If you haven't, I'll try to sum it up quickly. Almost two months ago, Ben crashed on his long board and sustained massive brain trauma. He's improving, but he's still in the hospital and will need huge amounts of help to re-learn everything. The hospital bills are expected to top $1.2 million, and as a writer, David Farland and his family don't have health insurance.

There have been many ways set up to help him over the past two months, and a huge group of people have organized a Donation Bomb Day today to help them with the medical bills. If you have been hearing about Ben's story and thinking about donating, today is the perfect day to do just that. Here's the link to make the donation. If everyone in the writing world donated just $5, think of the difference it would make!

And just because she's awesome like that, Leigh Covington is giving away a copy of Dave's book MILLION DOLLAR OUTLINES if you donate and / or help spread the word.

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And because it's Friday, let's have some cookies!

photo credit: comofaz via photopin cc


Leigh Covington said...

Lots of love and prayers for Ben and his family :)