Monday, October 31, 2011


Laying in bed while my rested brain ran fast,
An entire plot formed, without being asked!

Two armies face off as they stand toe to toe
One is intimidating; the other decidedly less so
Both sides are determined to take home the prize
They glance at their resources and let out battle cries

A ghost steps forward, covered in a white sheet
A man-sized bag of jelly beans knows he might be beat
The ghost’s smugness changes when the first foam bean flew
And he realizes his non-corporealness just wasn’t true

A witch steps out next, with warts and a green face
A sumo wrestler lumbers away when she gives chase
When she stabs her broom in his back, things go amiss
His massive girth deflates as air escapes with a hiss.

Dracula steps forward with blood dried on his chin
Faces Justin Bieber; his pointy teeth show through his grin
Mouth to neck, an anguished “Plastic teeth can’t cut!” Dracula cries
A flip of JB’s hair and baby, baby, baby, Dracula got it in the eyes

Classic scaries and dress-up cleverness both collide,
On a battlefield where simple props can turn the tide...

*Stretch. Yawn. Smack, smack.*


Okay... it’s entirely possible that plotting just isn’t sane
On Halloween morning, with a post-sugar high brain.

Happy Halloween!                         

P.S. If you would like to join us for NaNoReviMo (where we REVISE for the month of November instead of draft) and you haven't already "signed up," go on over to the Revising? post and let me know.


Allison Merritt said...

Great poem, Peggy! Especially the part about Bieber. :) Happy Halloween.

Anonymous said...

That was fun. Happy SPOOOOOKY Day! (to quote my kids)

Jennie Bennett said...

Ha ha that was an awesome poem. I hope Justin Bieber wins!

TirzahLaughs said...

HHAHAHA...I hate rewriting. Perhaps I should do this next year if I ever Finish PLUM.


Patti said...

Love the Justin Bieber reference.

I'm done revising until December so I'm going to try NaNo or at least half of one.

i'm erin. said...

I love your poem because you're Peggy,
Some outfits you wear make you look leggy.
You'd think I wont have a rhyme for Eddleman,
but I do, because we're practically next-of-kin.

Angela Cothran said...

That was the most impressive idea ever--you didn't disappoint :)

Abby Fowers said...

LOL! That poem made my day. Great job. Happy Halloween!

Jessie Humphries said...

How come you guys are getting all the good poem juices flowing these days? I havent written a poem since 5th grade...does that make me a bad writer? I love yours though. Happy Halloween!

Angela Brown said...

This was so fun, funny and a joy. For once, the mention of Justin Beiber didn't make me cringe :-)

Cynthia said...

Smiles, that's all I got Smiles. :-)

Romance Reader said...

It was fun! Happy halloween!

Susan Kane said...

That would be an amazing battle.

Melissa Sugar said...

What a cute poem. Revise? Are you kidding? I so need to revise & edit the novel I just completed, which was my plan. Then I caved in and signed up for NaNo. Today, I just signed up today. I usually plan for this during the entire month of October. I am starting to feel like I am not going to accomplish any revisions or a new novel this month. Ugh, frustrated!!

Kristine said...

I love it! Your poems rock.

Bianca Rex said...

Very clever. I was cautious enough to not eat that much sugar, but if a sugar high gives that much inspiration, maybe I should give it a try. :)

Bianca Rex said...

Very clever. I was cautious enough to not eat that much sugar, but if a sugar high gives that much inspiration, maybe I should give it a try. :)

Iain said...

I'd take your plot dreaming .
With a pinch of salt.
Or else you might find,
Your writing career grinds to a halt.

Carrie Butler said...

How fun, Pegasus! :) Great work!

Tara Tyler said...


happy candy raiding day!

Anonymous said...

Heheh!!!! Thats why your the best