Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Writing Spaces

Oh how I love seeing people's writing spaces! Maybe because mine is blah. And has stacks of stuff that need to be done, and holds more To Do lists than I can count.

But it doesn't stop me from dreaming about awesome writing spaces!

Like this one. Because even with that hard chair, I think I'd be inspired here.

Okay, so maybe I couldn't put this next space in my basement, but I could totally write here. And I'd get lots done. Really! I wouldn't be staring out at my surroundings most of the time. I swear.

Give me clean, organized, happy colors, and lots and lots of LIGHT, and I'm in heaven. Oh, and a desk somewhere. That'd be nice.

I've always wanted a house with a glass roof. Or have the ceiling charmed to show the outside sky like in Harry Potter-- whichever. Check it out! This writing space has a glass ceiling! Bliss.

I'm generally a desk/table and chair kind of writer. Give me a couch like this, though, and I could be convinced to kick back with a laptop and write... and write... and write... and possibly doze off... and write..

And yes! This is an ACTUAL couch, not just a huge pile of pillows. People who design cool things like a couch made of pillows should go to a special place in heaven.
And now for a writing space that very likely could kill me:

So what's your writing / office space like? But more importantly, WHAT'S YOUR DREAM SPACE LIKE?


Kyle said...

I Would Love that couch! Tell me where to get it ok? :)

Kyle said...

And I totally agree with the Harry Potter ceiling.

Jessie Humphries said...

My favorite writing space is in a busy cafe...Parisian style. I like to people watch and eat pastries while I write!

Stacy Henrie said...

I love the bright colored one or the one with the glass roof, but of course, I'd take a spot on the beach any day! :)

My space now is just a desk in the family room. I have a cool bulletin board above our office space in the laundry room, but that's my DH's work space. Some day I'll reclaim it.

Peggy Eddleman said...

Kyle-- I totally should have said where to go! Design Squish

Jessie-- Oh, my gosh. I should've listed that as one of my dream writing spaces, because that sounds heavenly!

Stacy-- I will take the spot next to you on the beach. And good luck with the reclaiming!

Kyle said...

Cool thanks! :)

Erin Apelu said...

Ahh...the beach. But then again, you get all sweaty, sand in places you don't want, then it's hard to work because the book/laptop always blocks the sunraise on your chest/or legs (trust me--I went to school at BYU Hawaii).

For now, I've got plans to spend a week (alone) at my aunts house on Whidbey Island in the Puget Sound off of Seattle. A-mazing! Perfect view of the ocean. Paradise!

Ketutar said...

Funny how one's blog posts live forever... now, 2014, another person joins this discussion.

I LOVE Friederike's writing space with all that chaos! I am a bed writer, and my bed would look like that if I wasn't married and needed to leave space for my husband in the bed :-D
Those light, airy, beautiful, happy rooms are exactly that, but I think I would be too focused on all the airy bright happiness to write.